8 Tiger Pupparoos

We first got news that 12 pups and their mother was dumped intentionally on the side of the road in Tekirdağ. It took us a day to get to them and sadly by then, the mother and most of the male pups were gone with only 8 pups left. After a thorough week-long search for the mother and missing puppies, unfortunately we were unable to find them. We took the 8 pups straight into treatment and then to our home 💕

During their time with us, the Tiger pups had a chance to regain their strength and socialise. When they were ready, one by one we started our quest to find their loving forever homes. Some were lucky from the start, some were returned a few months later.. Nonetheless, all of their beautiful forever families found them eventually. Now all 8 of them are living their lives to the fullest with their new families. We even get to bump into them around town!