Kahve- Near Death to Neighbourhood Mascot!

We came across this charming sausage during one of our forest feedings. She had severe mange, her skin had bare, saggy and almost stone-like sections, and her belly was sagging to her elbows. She clearly had a home once, this was apparent by her immediate response to commands such as “sit” and “paw”. Getting her in the car (usually a tough event for us), was a breeze. She hopped in on her own. Dogs who have lived in a house have even less of a chance of surviving in the wild.

We immediately took her to the clinic and started her treatments. From her microchip we found out that she was born in 2012, she also had a hole in her ear to indicate she was placed in a government shelter at some point. Her background and how she ended up in the middle of nowhere is a true mystery.

Despite her age, she responded fairly well to treatment. She had minor trust issues to begin with, but soon adjusted and became a huge love junkie! She loves being pet, and is a very very good dog.

Kahve, meaning coffee in Turkish, is her new name given by her amazing new owner, a gigantic-hearted person who, despite Kahve’s age or her extra care needs, has become her forever family. Together, they visit coffee shops daily, and in her words “Kahve has become the neighbourhood sweetheart”