Wiggle, a very important dog

We found her during one of our forest feedings. We could tell she’d been dumped there by the municipality from her plastic ear tag. It’s a tough life out there in the wild for domestic animals such as dogs, but this muddy, off-white dog just could not stop wagging her tail at us, that’s why we called her 'Wiggle'.

Wiggle’s bubbly character charmed us so that we had to take her in the car with us.

She became part of our pack and home for a good while. During this time, she had the time and space to heal, socialise and train. Eventually, she became a big marshmallow both in appearance and in personality.

Wiggle is now in her loving forever home, and lives with her two new cat siblings. She has tons of two and four legged pals! 

Lucky for us, we still get to spend time with our darling Wiggle on a regular basis.