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Our Story

The design approach at St. Pia is simple, by taking into account how your pets goods might look strewn across your living room or laid out in your kitchen every day, we create products that aren't just functional, but that will bring as much enjoyment to you as they do to your pets. We proudly operate on a "slow movement" ideology, paying equal respect and importance to our environment, production methods and material choices as we do our customers.
There are three main concerns which fuel project St. Pia; happy and healthy paws at home, joyful owners and last but certainly not least, finding lasting solutions to help animals without loving homes. This is why we regularly provide food and veterinary care for stray animals as
well as our own fostering projects to find them their much deserved forever homes.
So every purchase is helping animals who need it.
On behalf of them, and on behalf of St. Pia, thank you!