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♡ Portuguese Podengo mix

♡ Female

♡ 2 years old, 12 kg

♡ Spayed, fully vaccinated

♡ Doesn't like cats

♡ Toilet trained

Meet the beautiful Luna 🐕

Unfortunately, her luck in life has yet to match her beauty. Luna was found on the street after being neutered by the local municipality shelter and left on the street with her fresh stitches. She was scared of everything and everyone, but has learned to trust with time. She isn't fond of cats or unfamiliar dogs. She is protective towards her owner but extremely tolerant towards people and dogs she knows.

We are looking for a family who can provide the love and attention Luna needs, who has confidence in their experience with dogs, and who is willing to seek professional support if necessary 🐾 #stpiarescues

If you're not ready to adopt, you can support Luna by sharing her Instagram adoption post.



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