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♡ German Spitz

♡ Male 2 years old

♡ 4 kg Spayed, fully vaccinated

♡ A little bit naughty

♡ Good with dogs, cats and humans

♡ Toilet training ongoing

Introducing Rossi, a striking German Spitz with a tale of neglect and abandonment.

Despite being bought for a significant price, Rossi’s previous owners failed to provide him with the attention and training he needed. Left to figure out the world for himself, Rossi inevitably developed some behavioral problems which lead to his abandonment. Now seeking a compassionate forever home, Rossi requires patient and dedicated individuals who can help him overcome his behavioral hurdles and offer him the stability and care he needs. His toilet training and chewing household items will definitely require some work.

With the right love and guidance, Rossi promises to be a loyal companion for life 🐾 #stpiarescues

If you're not ready to adopt, you can support Rossi by sharing her Instagram adoption post.



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